Help with picking a motherboard

Which MB to buy?

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So i'm planning on building a PC but have been struggling with what motherboard to go for as some reviews say it's bad and some say it's good so i'm pretty much in a hole where i don't know who's hand to grab to pull me to safety.

Out of mb's i've been interested in are the asrock pro4 b350 and the gigabyte ab350 gaming 3.
There are others out there but they're either above the budget or i don't trust them (suggest them if you want to anyway and i might think about it). So if anyone who has had these mb's or knows something about them can help out that would be cool. I don't plan on overclocking or doing anything extreme (if really needed it would be a mild one).

Build so far: (some parts may or may not be changed).


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I would choose the gigabyte zb350 gaming 3 motherboard. Personally I just like Gigabyte more than ASRock.
Also it has better reviews :^)