History was made on SG MC!


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It's been so long since I got on, I wasn't here for long but it was this server made me kept on playing tf2 to be honest without all the memory of this server, I don't think i would meet some ppl that i think i would have ever met. I'm not gonna lie but I really do feel the trade server is going to say goodbye, I dont think anyone remember but I remember 2year ago we were talking about talking trade server down, It was a fun time for all i had, now that i get on the server i barely see anyone on there 3,4 ppl on, I know ppl have things to get down, but i want to see the things in tf2 that made it fun to come back again, maybe i dont know what am i talking about but I know for a fact that I had a great time on sg trading server so did you(maybe). Just A Few Example.Been a while, hope we keep at it :D Have a good day!