How did you spend your 4th of July?

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I spent my 4th of July watching fireworks from my window while playing ~3 hours of jailbreak at night with friends and got the entire server to go soldier for a few rounds. I don't really celebrate it, but I think most people on here do so how was your 4th of July?

(two short demos of 8 soldiers and a medic doing conga during HG and a round of all soldier mass rebel will be attached to those that want to watch or re watch)


Went to a parade in Washington d.c., and had to get there 2 hours early with my family to be able to see and sit at the front where we were. During the parade, there were many people trying to cut to the front, some people got mad, a fight almost happened right behind me and my family because a guy who had been there for hours was getting pushed by a dad who was carrying his daughter on his shoulder who was trying to get to the front so his daughter could see the parade better. After the parade, we kind of walked around a bit, tried to see some of the memorials and monuments, but it ended taking about 3-4 hours to get home since so much of d.c. is blocked off and requires people to get their bags checked before going through, etc. on July 4th. It was fun though. (Sorry for the long response, it was a pretty eventful day for me.)
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