"How the hell did a Class-D manage to get past the gate?"

Hello, my name is Delfite (wait really?).

I play lots of TF2, been playing on SG for about 9 months or so. I don't have much else to say about myself really, I just game like a gamer would game because gaming is fun. I'm mostly an unoriginal, very loud, obnoxious, 5 year-old, 600 pound, extremely talkative, autistic, little shit (at least according to XXXTentacion lmfao). I like to have fun and be an in-game DJ on Fridays (if permitted by admin). I'm a sophomore in HS right now and school just started for me. I have about 1800 hours in TF2 total with 1600 being on my main account while around 200 being on my old account that I started playing TF2 on. Been around since Love & War. My internet is terrible and my PC is just an advanced toaster powered by raw potatoes, dogshit, and SCP-003.

Why must I be cursed with Florida heat, humidity, thunderstorms, and just all around shitty weather conditions? Wait... It's because I live North of the equator huh?
Anyways, I hope to see ya'll in-game! Yes I live in the Southern United States WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME KAREN?!