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Hello, my name’s Roddy but I also go by Pie. Currently 18 and already wanting to drop out of college oof, but I’m looking to have a career detailed around animation and digital media.
I’m an ex-admin from Fortress of Gamers after having served one year for Jailbreak and roughly half a year for Trade 3. However, after the shutdown in early November, I’ve transferred to Harpoon Gaming and Glubbable servers, neither providing any jailbreak servers unfortunately. After taking some time to work on school and commissions, I’ve grown to miss the rule-abiding REDs and toxicity of the game mode, so hopefully I’ll be spending more time on your jailbreak servers in order grow accustomed to the community, meet staff and befriend regulars.
Regardless, it’s nice to meet you all! I hope to see y’all on the servers. :>
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Hi pie, you sound like a great guy and seem pretty fly! Careful tho, there are bullies in this community that will make you cry, but hopefully the constant reminder of the rapidly approaching moment of death will distract you from them.