Closed Jailbreak addition possible yuki??

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This has been suggested numerous times already. I don't think it's possible to code

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Possible method but you know how when you join the server it prompts you to agree to the rules and if you don't it kicks you?

With that in mind can it be programmed to have an everyday changing multiple choice question about a server rule and people have to answer it correctly or get kicked?

Just an idea to support the OP's suggestion. Please don't flame.


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You're assuming they will leave. But perhaps they will prefer to stay as they like how much more organized it is from other servers?


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N_n players we not rejoin if they are insta kicked for not knowing the rules
Well there was one guy that kept re-joining and getting mad in chat for getting kicked without pausing and thinking for a second that all this might be happening because he kept disagreeing with the server rules.
Well there are exceptions like me who got admin for arguing over the rules with the owner back when I first played jailbreak and I got admin for making common sense rules heck I did not even know it was the owner. Besides that most people won’t rejoin unless they got a reason to like a friend or they like a particular server like with blackwonder


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@Kona lock pls, thread has been derailed..?

Add something that makes everyone read the rules before going blu.
That's what the little menu on the side that kicks you unless you agree is for! Although, it's not really enforced too much, but for people actually looking to follow the rules, theyll read it.
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