New [Jailbreak] LR Permissions

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As a small suggestion on my part, I would like to recommend changing some permissions when a Red’s LR is given.

Given Ammo if Victorious
I would like people with LR to be given ammo, I know this is generally a bad decision but please hear me out. Sadly, admins might not be able to go on servers as often as we would like us to be. But I would like to slightly fix this issue with a red with LR to be able to protect themself. Which also means that he/she can use their new found ammo to be used with LR, but if this passes by, they CAN’T use it for directly killing any of the guards without reason.

Reasons for shooting guards could be followed as; delaying round, denying their LR, or are currently attempting to freekill. This would be able to protect LR more efficiently and make sure that the red further enjoys their playing experience.

Thank you for listening


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It's helpful for the red to defend him/herself but they can easily abuse it by instantly attacking blues as soon as they're trapped or make excuses why they killed said blue.
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Encourages rebelling, this would absolutely be abused and freekillers would just kill them before they get it anyway. This isn't a solution, it's essentially just forcing blues to shoot themselves in the foot.

Rebelling should be risky, it shouldn't be handed to you on a platter.


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Eh. Don't really like it. Just thinking about the process of getting the red ammo would be a pain without some sort of LR menu or plugin. Even if you were just to make ammo allowed during LR, it would encourage more rebelling and would make it harder for blues overall. Keeping it the same and not allowing ammo is the best option here imho.

There's nothing you can do to stop the jailbreak problem. Giving reds ammo isn't going to stop freekillers and rulebreakers, believe me.

the red to defend him/herself


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they CAN’T use it for directly killing any of the guards without reason.
Not only is the idea not good, this is also extremely vague and would lead to people fighting over dumb shit. If people need to ask admins on how to breathe giving them a gun based on their pretenses is a bad idea.
I think this is a very bad idea since it would lead to people just killing the red with LR when he shows ammo or just kills some one (even if they getting freekilled or trying to kill someone for denying LR) people need to learn how to record a demo.