[JB] Disguise Kit


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Poll question should be : If the disguise kit should be added.
edit : I gave it a minute thought and decided to close poll in an hour.

Just like the wrangler and pda, disguise kit would be another great addition to mess around with. Such as spycrab walking to x location or 1v1 spycrab for LR or giving yourself a new cig. If disabling the disguise menu while keeping the kit out is possible, then it would be a nice addition in my opinion.

For those who don't know what spycrabbing is (not the "crouch and look up with your kit out") : First to spycrab 3 times loses and the other is safe from elmination. Probably best with 2 reds since getting the crab taunt is quite hard.
Here is a video :
of course no one would be betting when playing this minigame and shouldn't be betting
For some reason, I feel like someone brought this up in the past.
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This would be nice, but the fact is that the spy is restricted to 5 so only such would have fun and other from the engineer which would be around 18 (not too sure)