New [JB] Jailfort TF Kart Change


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TF Kart on Jailfort has been a known issue in the past and still is today. Being able to sit in Blue side TF Karts, starting the minigame and just killing anyone on the bridge however long you want. This however can be stopped, but most people don't know it and it's mainly abused by Reds during FDFD/Freeday, HG, and rebelling. "If you can stop the game, why even request to change it?" the thing is, even if you do stop it the minigame and cross the bridge, it will automatically tp you into Red side TF Karts (if you cross it right away). Some classes won't be able to make it over even if they do wait a second then cross over because that Red will still be up smashing the buttons to start the minigame.

Now, I'm no map maker or anything and not sure if it will be hard to change buttttttttttttttttttttttttttt, to prevent this from being abused (from both teams) have it be only playable once or make the buttons only for Blues to activate (chance of Blue abusing this is unlikely).