Declined JB map suggestion

Don't add Wildwest:
  • The whole map is claustrophobic with it's small corridors, it restricts movement, crowd control and it's way too easy to rush guards
  • The train is a glitchy mess and can make people stuck
  • The wooden bars around the walls are not clipped and people get stuck on them everytime
  • The minigames are generic and poorly textured compared to the rest of the map, one good minigame I can think of is Climb
  • The armoury is Chretien-styed with an elevator to leave the armoury. This elevator can be exploited to literally glitch out of the map.


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Yeah, no.

Wildwest was removed because it has major balancing issues and was disliked by ~90% of the community. The very few people who want it back barely represent everyone else.

You're reasoning is "because it was epic" soo...


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I need you to type out a 4 paragraph essay in Times New Roman double spaced before any consideration will happen.