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I've mentioned this map twice about how I enjoy it and stuff without actually giving valid points, and I'm finally here to do that. With the maps that are rarely played such as chertien and jailfort and the wait between Buns following up on his promises, I'm here to offer a new map that's unique in it's design and hopefully would be enjoyed by the community. The map is open instead of it being an enclosed mess that's easy to get around after playing a round or 2. It has the generic games and some extras like Boulder Dash which is somewhat like steady pace, Plinko, and my personal favourite Ice Gliders which is a kart race in the form of an obby. It also has great secrets with my favourite one that involves timing in order to pull it off. I'm 100% certain the players would enjoy this map instead of waiting for a new update from the same maps. As far as my memory goes, the map is pretty tweaked and I don't remember any bugs. Hope you guys give this one a shot for real.
I have plenty of experience with this map, since it was on BLW for a year or so, here's some stuff that you might have to know.

-It's the Ugliest TF2 Jailbreak map. It has stretched textures, clipping, the textures are bright and it has fullbright enabled. It's a fucking eyesore.
-Too open and too easy for snipers.
-You can get stuck inside minigames.
-The secrets make no sense.
-Some minigames are confusing.
-There are 2 secrets that play earrape music to everyone.
genuinely a shitpost map

Before you add it, atleast test it on a test server with players to see if the community likes it.

Not really a big fan of this map as it seems a little bit unfinished. It's also quite open, but a bit too open. I think casuarina is a good limit of how open a map should be rather than a real mess like this.

Unicake made a good point in my opinion that it is basically a shitpost map because of the earrape and the confusing minigames.

The map also hasn't been updated in 3 years so there's no telling what bugs or exploits can be done here.

I think it would be good for the rest of a community to have an input on this though before any final decisions are made.


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I remember when this map was added there were 2 problems:
1)cells didn't open mighty rip (that can be fixed but still)
2)death pit if you walk off path is garbage, especially now that there are pyros on blue, nty