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Hello, it's me TigersFan318 and you will pretty much only see me on SG- Jailbreak servers. I enjoy quality memes and I enjoy to listen to 70's and 80's music, even though that is out of my "millennial teen music" zone (I don't like rap or most contemporary music). I enjoy airplanes and when I'm old enough, I hope to join the Air Force and be a pilot for a regional airliner. In the end, I suck at warden on most maps and most people dislike me as warden, which is why I usually just help on blu. All in all, I'm a pretty round guy and like to hang out with others. In conclusion, I hope that you will like me as a person, not as a player. I hope to see you all shortly.

P.S: I made this account yesterday, I always wanted to be a member so yeah.
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"millennial teen"

I know you'd like to feel younger if you're a millennial, but if you are one you unfortunately are no longer a teen. RIP.

All that aside, enjoy the forums.

Had no idea this hadn't been replied to in over a week.
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hey!! im flare! very nice to meet u btw ive seen u on jailbreak so many times lol.png
and i hope u have a great time in this wonderful, non toxic, friendly community. REBEL GOD
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