Micspamming without admin on.

Kill micspammers if no admin on?

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If there is no admin online on jalbreak are blues allowed to kill any red micspamming/ purposely talking over warden to prevent orders?


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you've already asked this on discord and kona said no so maybe that means you cant do it?
Sorry but i was waiting like a solid 15 minutes before i got off. Didn't see kona say that. I still think you should be able to however. Imo but my opinions tend to be shit :/


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The people who play jb aren't exactly competent, if you ask me you should be able to kill them to get the round going.
Gotta go with this, no point in bothering to client mute when the rest isn't going to do the same.
Plus just freekilling the tumor enough to the point where it'll quit is better than having an admin take care of it (besides it won't change their behavior after the ban expires anyway).


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Ok so i know it says i voted no but just pretend i said yes (misclick). It honestly be a huge favor to the entire server if you could blow the head off a mic spammer and basically save everyone else from the firey pits of ear hell.


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Can't wait for people to twist this into being allowed to kill kids on mic
You could just mute them like a smart person.

but the jb community isnt smart so shoot them because #noadminnorules.