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Uh, no. Chino shouldn't be allowed to disrespect a member of SG just because he feels it's true. Respect is osmething even you retired Senior Admins and long-time SG members need to have. You need approach a situation considering the consequence and responses that might come. Chino or any other member as a matter of fact, can speak to someone else like that. So no @Highrize420 he isn't allowed to say because there is a chance that it could be true. Albeit the way Atlas responded wasn't the best, I would of got worked up the same way.

Sorry @Javert just had to get that out of my system.
As @Teddy said respect is earned. Not given. If chino feels respect isnt given he doesnt need to give it.
Im locking this thread since this is insanely derailed without a hope of getting it back on track.
Everything that needs to be said is said.
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