Name Game

Yes, it might be stupid, but i'm sitting here doing 2 pages of Algebra homework, and am bored. Basically, someone says a name. This name MUST be of a famous person, and the next person's name MUST start with the first letter of the previous persons last name. Similar to the number game, you cannot post twice in a row. AT NO POINT IN THE GAME CAN 2 PLAYERS POST THE SAME NAME! BE ORIGINAL! Please DO NOT Comment anything other than names. Denouncing someone for messing up by saying "No that's not right" makes you as foolish as them.


I say Jennifer Lawrence, so the next person has the letter L, so they say Larry Bird.

I'll start, with BARACK OBAMA


1. xSpeced, who repeated Chuck Norris.
2. NinjaBladeElectric, who failed to go after the name before him.