New New JB Map: Lunapark

On the search of hunting new maps for the jb map pool i came across this map, and after play testing it im certain this map will be a fine edition to the sg jb map pool. I have not found any complications with the minigames as they are mostly balanced and evened out but i guess this is up to the admins and not me.
This map includes 19 minigames
  1. Crush game, veteran of reaction games. Main Area
  2. Nine Square, classic luck-based game. Main Area
  3. Sweeper, jump over the obstacle! Main Area
  4. Bumblebeam or KOtH, push your teammates off! Main Area
  5. Box Game, dodge boxes, falling from above. Main Area
  6. Arena, best place to kill your teammates. Main Area
  7. Knife Pit (merged with arena), truth or false game, but longer. Main Area
  8. (american) Football, touch down! Main Area
  9. Obstacle Course, filled with moving parts and crocodiles. Main Area
  10. Theatre. Easy to use now! Main Area
  11. Diner. Something is wrong with the food here... Main Area
  12. Russian Roulette. Bet your life in a luck-based game. Main Area
  13. Quantum Maze. Difficult teleport based maze game, uh-oh! Main Area
  14. Disco? I mean, it's a rock scene, what do i call it? The Mansion
  15. Pool. Of blood. The Mansion
  16. Trivia. It's the only game in the zone, but it looks so good! Cemetery
  17. Jumprope. Only one of it's kind, getting faster and faster. Carnival Area
  18. Deathrun. Deadly, yet simple traps. Carnival Area
  19. Jojo Reference or DIO, Show-stopping vampire is now one of blue! Run around the arena, stop time and kill members of unlucky Red team. Carnival Area
Since it is late im gonna continue to playtest the map when i wake up but since i've been playtesting for over an hour im certain this should make it to the sg map pool