Old school games

What are the best old school games in your opinion?


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I know it isn't that old but it was my chilhood. I remember playing LBP1 a LOOOOOOONG time ago and then flippped when the trailer for 2 came out. LBPK and LBP3 were ok i guess, not as good as 2 tho


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Best old school games for me are super Mario 64, Majora's mask for Nintendo 64 and Halo combat evolved on the xbox
I remember as a kid playing on GTA SA a lot, and when I say a lot, yes... GTA SA was my childhood actually and the funny part is that I haven't even finished the game properly


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But if we're talking about old games, then Sonic Riders on the Game Cube at my friend Guy's house. I didnt have any videogames at the time (forgot the year) but everytime I would head over to his house I'd always want to play it and we'd have to beg his mom to play on the Game Cube. Eventually we unlocked Tails and we would always fight over him. We ended up settling it with a game of rps and I won. From then on I would always play Tails and he would always play Sonic. Thats kind of when Tails became my favorite video game character, and he still is to this day.