One for All TWO

Arent u figgits ready for the next one for all? I have NEVER tried the original one and I feel bad. These are some gifs from the original one for all.

What would you like to see/play when this gamemode comes back?


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The original original One for All was a mod created by community members which allowed all five members of any team to be the same champion; the original mod was on Howling Abyss.

Riot implemented One for All into the game around Halloween of last year(if memory serves me correctly?), and was on Summoner's Rift. As fun as it was to assassinate someone in mid with 5 Final Sparks or penta-stun the enemy team with a barrage of Crescendos, the community much preferred the original map idea.

Coming up soon™, Riot will be releasing One for All: Mirror Mode, for the next featured limited gamemode! It will be played on Howling Abyss with TEN of the same champion. Hype for the ten J4 Cataclysms!