Declined Prevention of Not actively rebelling.

Basically give any rebel with ammo an outline if they havent damaged a blu in maybe i dunno. 2 minutes?. More than enough to get your ammo and fight.
You either get ammo. rebel like a true rebel. or just get ammo and hide like a coward. i know people might be waiting for perfect oppurtinites. but hey. risks gotta be taken.


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How is the server suppose to know who is a rebel? Or how to check if someone has ammo or not?
Make a plugin or take 1 from a server that already uses it OR play on a server that already has this if you need it so badly.
But isn't the whole point of this to make it so they don't need an admin?
that is why i made this thread. make the admin's job easier.


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Then @AwesomeAim comes in and states how lazy admins are getting.

But that ship sailed long ago.
And then people realized bush is r e t a r d e d for not using @Dic Soupcan.

It's a good thing the dock is freshly swabbed for this purpose.
edit so i dont get banned for bullying/derailing/shitposting: What you're suggesting does not PREVENT not actively rebelling, is helps make the spotting of it easier which is useless because an admin will usually see in chat someone is ghosting or whatever and notice it

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If anyone can see if someone has ammo then you are allowing ghosting from what I remember there is no way to tell if someone has ammo without seeing them get it or use it if we add a plugin that shows if someone has ammo that only staff can see then they can enforce active rebelling rules easier.


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I think there are just too many factors for this not to work making it much more complex than it needs to be for a problem that was hardly a problem in the first place, so I think we're fine where we are now with not actively rebelling. If an admin is on they'll slay them and if there isn't a spectator will ghost so a blue can get them anyway. So yeah we're fine where we are.
Okay how about. the outline only triggers if the rebel has fired his gun? And it lasts for 1 minute.
You do understand that someone has to program something that decides what is and isn't a rebel?
On other prison servers Players are marked with a beacon and some trail effect if they hit the warden or a guard. Marking them as a rebel. Shouldnt be too hard.


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The rule above prevents round delay, and implementing a separate plugin specifically for your suggestion would be a waste of time.
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What happens if the red hits a baiter?
I Want you to think about this for a moment. i'm talking about different servers. different servers that may not have a rule that states you may hit ''baiters''


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I Want you to think about this for a moment. i'm talking about different servers. different servers that may not have a rule that states you may hit ''baiters''
So therefore other servers with said plugin are different and won't be compatible?
If we were to take the plugin of another community it wouldn't fit our ruleset.
If you were willing to make a plugin to get this to work then go ahead because believe it or not, asking for it won't get it done, doing it will