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Evidently I wanted an excuse to shoutout someone I recently commissioned for my profile artwork, MrPaperBagHead, he does animation of any scene / character you want for an extremely reasonable price, though most animated commissions aren't cheap either. You can check out his work on my profile as well as his!


Anyways, feel free to post a screenshot of your steam profile and flex on the people who are too lazy to design a profile. (Yuki & Kona, and probably most
At least Ivy made an attempt - if you just want to have a long artwork to match with your background, use this website to obtain the file, and this to upload. Though I still highly recommend checking out MrPaperBagHead!



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What I see Screenshot_2.png

What other see Screenshot_3.png

I think my profile is superior than "furret's" (please don't swarm me with 20 billion furrets)