question about admin applications

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If someone gets denied in an admin application, how long do they have to wait if they would like to reapply in the future?


I mean theres not a limit to how many times you can apply for an admin position but at the same time theres also not a limit to how many times yuki or merpy can deny you, just wait a couple months and you'll be fine


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Depends on the reason you were declined and how you look to improve upon it I suppose. Like Pete said there is no limit but if you were banned recently for a big thing don’t expect a different result. Just wait until apps open again and judge yourself if you think they will be more forgiving of your reason of denial.


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In my experience, it's best to wait until the next time applications open as it gives you a "fresh slate." I've seen you on ff2 and I think you have the potential to be a pretty good mod/admin, try again in the future if you did apply this time around, if apps stay open for around a month, then you can always try again then.