Rate all the Half life games in 6 words or less

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Half life: Long useless chapter but amazing game. 8/10
HLOF: Cool new guns annoying new enemies. 7/10
HLBS: Basically HL no fun alien guns. 5/10
HL2: Basically im kinda of big deal. 9/10
HL2EP1: good game but annoying repetitive ending. 7/10
HL2EP2: wow that ending ready for HL3. 8/10
HlAlyx: Holy fucking shit it looks wonderful. cant rate / cant play

I want to see how you view the hl games in the awesome game of give opinions
Half Life: classic 9/10
Half Life OF: bringing new mechanics and weapons 8/10
Half Life BS: no 3/10
Half Life 2: Chad 10/10
Half Life 2 Ep 1: Nothing new but still great 9/10
Half Life 2 Ep 2: ending sad 10/10
Half Life Alyx: Best video game ending 10/10
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