Rate the music above you

This is a thread I've posted on various forums, and one I've always had lots of fun with, so I figure it will fit right in here.

How this works is you post a song and the next poster needs to rate it, along with posting a song of their own.

OP: *Posts song*

Poster 2: *Rates OP's song, posts their own*

Poster 3: *Rates Poster 2's song, posts their own*

etc. etc.

I'll start off with a classic TF2 remix:

Nuclear Nun

TF2 Admin
I'll start off with a classic TF2 remix:

It’s the type of song that many people identify as a classic, but for some reason people are sick of hearing because of how many times they have heard it. Imma give the remix as 8/10
Very epic ballad.
(Highly recommend that the captions are turned on)
He’s got what I neeeeeeeeed 9/10