Remove JB Volcano


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Many rounds start the same, people asking to do the secret. The secret (for anyone who doesn't know) is just where you have to hit a few gold bars.
The secret then causes lava to rise. You can find a code that changes every round, the code opens a door that leads to a room where you need to go to be able survive the eruption. This secret is done quite frequently and you will find people only going onto the map to do the secret or because its the first on the map voting screen.

The map is massive and it can be hard sometimes to find things, leading to delayed rounds from what i have seen. Another problem is the giant lava pit in the middle. Its quite common to see someone plummeting to the bottom of it. The mini games are creative and can be fun to do which is a point i can give, but the map is just too big to find some, and you will see many of the games not being played in lots of matches. It is quite easy to hide and if a red is hiding, it can take a long time to find them if they aren't slain. Some people do enjoy it but many matches are long and drawn out or just boring. If people like it, keep it, but otherwise, its just a map that gets picked and hardly ever has a good match. I had heard many complaints of it, and from what ive heard the majority hates it.


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The major thing i think is the fact that the map IS SO HUGE, its worse than Chretien and Famousz combined : ( ) ( Map size wise)

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a round is either just climb or red secret.
I think that it's just better to make the central area a tad bit smaller, so its
1. Easier to get to place to place
2. Gives a bit more breathing room for the Blus. Cause honestly, its really easy to hit a blue into the lava when they're in front of the yellow line. Funny as fuck, but leads to many situations where there's like 3 blus dead cause of it.

And also,
- Perhaps remove some minigames, to make the hallways shorter?
- Give around 7-10 possible spawning areas for the ingots, the locations being random each round. If that's possible. So that red don't immediately know where to go if they wanna do the secret
Honestly the best way to have smooth rounds on Volcano is to position guards at every angle, to make sure reds don't run away. But that still gets difficult at times when blues just don't cooperate or too many reds go in one direction when rebelling. But the map has a few awesome minigames, it's just up to the guards to get them there.
i think that the map creator should make a diffrent secret, make it so climb doesnt kill you instantly, and make it a little bit smaller because there is alot of unused space