Rust/Player Unknown's Group?

Looking to form a Rust/PUBG group!
I play quite a bit of Rust right now, I have since it's beta release. Pretty sure I am gonna get PUBG but I really want to get a Rust group together more than anything. If anyone is interested PM on steam/here.
*Please have a mic and be somewhat mature lol*

Steam ID: - feel free to add me, I usually won't add back but if we have SG in common as groups or look like an obviously legit account, I shall.

Hit me up fools:grrr:​


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I would try to play with you but I have neither of the games and I don't even know if I can even run them so...
>When u have bad pc ;~;


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I play rust a lot. You can add me from the link in my signature. I'm mature enough and I have a mic albeit it being shitty.
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