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How much time ago did you join sg?

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January 22, 2018. Not even a full month yet, but I love it here.


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I've been here for a few years, I honestly never thought SG would have taken off the way it did. I was never exceptionally active (to put it lightly), but the community has always been growing and improving. There have been some really controversial modmins before but that's all in the past.

Fun fact - the number in the URL of your profile page is the account number in the order you were created. For example, Yuki is 1, as she was the first forum account made. Based on how fast new members are joining, I think we'll see our 4000th registered member later this year. Pretty neat!
I joined sometime around 2014, not sure exactly. I waited a while to make a forum account too, so I can't go off that unfortunately.

Man I miss some of those old maps.

@EmNudge convert your map to Minecraft Realms bb