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Should they add the trail and pet system into FF2?

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As it is stated in the shop, they might be adding this. So today I decided to do a poll, to see if people want this or don't want this. Lets see what happens...

Please cast your votes above...


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SG use to have trails and weapon colours. Don't know why they were removed. Buying pets with credits, ehhh I really don't know how the "pet" will show up. Will they just be cosmetics that are in the game already (such as ein) ? Or we have little cats / dogs / birds / miniature size class that follow us around


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Trails and pets and weapon effects are fine in FF2 because it's a clusterfuck to begin with, but I think they'd be jarring and obnoxious on the Jailbreak servers unless they're pretty subtle. But then they'd be unnoticeable on FF2.

I guess you could adjust the effects to be less visible on the JB side specifically but then you have inconsistencies where a trail might look awesome on one server but shit on the other.

regardless, more stuff to spend credits on even if it's trails and pets, pls ty
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Knowing how this is already in the store saying they're coming soon (aka anywhere from 1week-1yr) it's probably going to be added. For FF2 (which what this thread is for) it would seem fine as long as it wouldn't make people drop 30 fps.


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Add the shitty things but make them extremely expensive. I like 100$. And if anyone actually does buy one, then I can laugh at them for being an idiot. It's a win-win situation for all of us.
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