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Alrighty. I want to know if you guys have a better day with less sleep or more sleep. Whenever I sleep more than 4 hours, I get really tired and feel like ass the whole day. When I sleep for 2-4 hours, I feel great the whole day. Don't know why but I do. It's nice. Let me know what you guys are like in the sleeping matter.

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I sadly have to agree with this statement, I don’t know why but I feel the same way. Maybe you are getting to much sleep, studies show that oversleep can lead to the same symptoms as to getting too little sleep. This should go away soon, possibly whenever people get a proper sleep schedule


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depends on my schedule tbh, usually feels like more sleep = more energy

Lol. More sleep. Fair...
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I try to get atleast 7 hours of sleep everyday, I find that the amount of sleep I get doesn't affect my day unless I get less than 5 hours in before work.

Nah, what affects my days most is how much I eat every morning.
don’t sleep too long, don’t sleep too short. i either get stuck in bed bc 2comfy or i wake up late despite having 5 alarms. i used to be late like every week 3 years ago and then got my shit together