Starter Pokemons

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Of all gens, what's your favorite starter pokemon? (Also explain why if you want)


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Whatever hatches out of the egg from the pokemon in my signature (very op when speed boost was introduced)
Cyndaquil is another favorite of mine because scarf eruption when typhlosion, plus I like the simple design of a flaming badger later on.


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Chikorita because its cute.

Yeah it's the only reason.

Genocider Syo

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Let's see. My favorite in each gen are

Gen 1: Charizard
Gen 2: Typhlosion
Gen 3: Blaziken
Gen 4: Piplup
Gen 5: Snivy
Gen 6: Fenniken
Gen 7: Rowlet

Out of all of them...... I'd say Blaziken.
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