[Suggestion] [All/Orange] !Report Command

Add some kind of !report command, or atleast a memo?

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Hello! I would like to suggest a !report command that leads players directly to the report section of the forums.

This stems from getting on orange today while there was an aimbotter on. People had recorded demos, but didn't know how to report them or where to report them, and complained that a majority of servers have some sort of !report command. In the end, I banned them, but staff obviously can't always come on to deal with things like this, and as such, !report came up. I'm suggesting a command that directly leads you to the report forum, or if that's too much trouble, a recurring memo that says something along the lines of "To report a player, head to our forums, and submit a report!"

TL;DR, Add a !report command on the servers that leads you directly to the report section, or at the very least a memo that tells you how to report. Please please please consider this! It would bring in more reports and would stop some cheaters from coming back over and over again without staff knowing. Thank you!
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Could be implemented, thought this at first would be a "ping admins or automatically message them after using command", but honestly I think maybe something as simple as this could solve quite a few problems.