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Let's face it. Dying in FF2 sucks. There's nothing to do when you die except spectate the good players, engineers, or campers/stallers.

I propose we add the Medic Revive and/or Medic Shield!

Dying sucks. Medic Revive plugin will let medics revive dead players. Odds are, these players are not the more skillful players but the players will be happy to get a revive to continue their conquest of trying-not-to-die. This would be a slow process however. Its not gonna be an instant revive and I believe the revive times are configurable. At the moment, I dont see how this could unbalance the weapons as its just a revive. The meta, for the most part, will probably stay the same but with just more medics.

The medic MVM shield is just a shield from mvm. Does what it does in MVM

Tell me your thoughts on the matter


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Absolutely not.

Healing and Uber is strong enough, medic does not need any other upsides. The only other boss iirc to ever introduce medic revive and shield is blitzkrieg, who was astonishingly strong in both the ability to crash computers and servers with an overwhelming amount of projectiles reflecting across the map.

Medic shield will kill off every projectile boss and require all of them to be buffed, medic shield can stay up through being stunned and scared, and can easily take out a boss's (ex. gentlespy) only method of dealing with long range targets. This also kills off every projectile class that is spawned by the administrator, introduces new bugs, and is a straight counter to many bosses with wicked trade off.

Medic revive will require rounds to be prolonged even more, introduces another problem class that needs to be constantly tweaked because of a singular high impact ability, comparable to some other classes' massive *potential* damage output and % health damage. This is just asking for rounds to be longer, and players to get even more bored of the game while waiting. This also introduces more people begging for revives, shields, and toxicity surrounding how well a medic can play to "Save" everyone else.

Dying is a mechanic of the game, taking it away takes away a core part of the game and discourages lesson learning to not die from the same reason next time, if you died to something because someone is better than you, you don't deserve to get a second chance until next round. That is the point of death, and improving.

If you think dying sucks, then don't die. It's your fault and not someone else's responsibility to pick up for your mistakes. If you think people want to come back and say "Wow, instead of waiting 8 minutes to respawn next round, I can play again." Then let me ask if someone dies, is not revived, and has to wait 8-10 minutes again, how would they feel? "I didn't get revives, how come he gets revived? Now I have to wait, while he can respawn again."

Revive boxes can be tweaked on how long they last, the point stands regardless. This is a terrible idea to add and any suggestion that prolongs the round longer than it already does hurts the game mode more than improves.

Good players will survive and play to THEIR strengths, not rely on others.
Bad players will die.
FF2 is not a place for bad players to feel good or to be given crutches.
FF2 is a place to enjoy the content that creators put hard work into, and to stretch mechanics of the game they have not been used to.


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Dying is a mechanic of the game, taking it away takes away a core part of the game and discourages lesson learning to not die from the same reason next time, if you died to something because someone is better than you, you don't deserve to get a second chance until next round. That is the point of death, and improving.
Is a big part of it for me, personally I play a lot of a lot, and I tryhard, a lot, I have lots of, (too much tbh), practice and I feel that having players being revived or what have you after they have died either to bad luck or bad skill, regardless takes away from the players who are good enough to not die. What's the point of being good if someone who has played TF2 for a week can do just as well and just keep getting revived and do just as much as the skilled player who never died, it takes away from the 'need to get better to do better' aspect. Another thing, I can't really say this without sounding like a douche or anything, so I'll just say it, I can't tell who this is coming from if it's a name change or if you play FF2 much, (not meant as an insult or anything, It's just that I really do know 90% of FF2 players because I really am on that much), but the ability to revive players itself is just too heavy of a change fundamentally, to be able to balance, what if those really good players get revived, who consistently get 15k+ damage every round, I don't see any way to balance out adding another 15k onto bosses HP to account for that situation without relying on the fact that the red will always be reviving players - if that makes sense, I feel like I worded that poorly, but hopefully it makes sense.

-edit: A really small thing, but I think it's worth mentioning, that time spent waiting for the round to end is what makes FF2 special, it's the only game mode with a really good balance of playing and doing something tabbed out in your 'down time' waiting. There's always vanilla or "buy back respawn" with credits in other VSH servers, but personally I like the way SG FF2 works now.


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The medic shield sounds like a cool idea but it should be an immobile shield and have health. that'll be cool


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Add a tetris minigame that you can play while you're dead.
Oooooooooo, could we get store credits after reaching scores, like how we get credits for damage dealt to the boss. It could be used on the jailbreak server as well. Nothing too much, but it can act as a small little prize in that sense.

Any opinion and reasoning I have for disagreeing with revive and shield has already been stated by Fluquor and Jarvie.

Thinking about medic, I do have a recommendation for the vaccinator; instead of having the ubercharge always be a short speed boost, why not have it so that if you ubercharge on the different resistances, you get different buffs.
Bullet resist charge can give you a high damage resistance on you and your targets;
Explosive resist charge can give you crits for your targets;
Fire resist charge could give you some other boost, like movement speed, faster attack and reload speed, quick fix heal rate or something else;
All of these boost could have an active time of two to three seconds, making it noticable and useful when trying to help teammates.

To make it not stupid powerful because of its four charges, I propose to decrease the build rate to somewhere from 20% faster to 40%, because a single charge can be gained by the almighty ubersaw.

This could give a purpose and uniqueness to it when compared to the other mediguns.

Being on that thought as well, I was also thinking that maybe the kritskrieg could have a slightly longer crit duration, and a slightly shorter uber duration; as well as make the stock medigun have a slightly longer uber duration and a slightly shorter crit duration. It could give people a reason to chose between the two.
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part of what makes ff2 fun imo is that you get one chance. you can always improve and learn, which is good. dying does suck, but it's necessary. shouldn't cater to less skilled players, but instead encourage and maybe even give them a few pointers/tips to gitgud.
I will never understand why people play FF2, a game mode that is built around the idea of 'kill everything,' then get mad when they die. Sure, dying sucks, especially if you're one of the first people dead, but like...again. That's the point of the mode.

Don't play the mode if your ego is so fragile that you feel the need to throw a fit when you die.

(And when I say you I'm not referring to anyone in particular, just the people who I see whine about dying)


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What medic really needs is some new weapons. All it is, is some random medi gun, depending on your teams status and the crossbow and Uber saw. Maybe some fixes for the quick fix, because that’s thing is shit. But, that’s all I can say... medic is in a really good spot right now. Atm we are all just waiting for the heavy gunman update