[Suggestion] Nerf Hank Hill and Werewolf of London

Hank's rage explosion is too powerful to be that frequent and werewolf's global stun effectively eliminates any way of it being countered. its almost as bad as those ff2 servers that still use bosses with blinding rages

also make werewolf not RED jesus christ
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Hank Hill's rage is also inconsistent; you could run in front of him and be unharmed while someone else would die. The Rock and OPM have similar problems. These three should be reworked; that being said, a few ideas for Hank Hill have been brought up, but I haven't heard anything since then.

On the other hand, Werewolf of London is a mess. There's his global stun, his ability to slow on hit for up to 6 seconds, his broken model and its broken textures. A long time ago, he was removed because of issues like these. It's surprising to see that none of these things have been patched out.