[TF2] Cp_orange map change?

What was the reasoning for changing the map? It's been cp_orange_z7 for years and years. Now it's changed to an immensely boring version: cp_orange_x3. Everyone in the server is complaining and we all hate it, I don't know how this works but uh, We'd all like it changed back. if not at least an explanation as to why.

Edit: it changed back? I have no clue what happened that was really strange
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Orange players have been wanting a new map for at least 3 years. We switched from one that was horrendous to the current one (z7 i believe).

Now players want more maps and a rotation of them but the issue is, we cant find any good ones yet. Currently there is a small map pool of 2 or 3 other maps.

EDIT: Yuki has edited the current map (z7)
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