The Dislike Button

I want to dislike all of Nick's posts?

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Fresh n Fruity

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You've seen it countless times, the longnose champion himself @Wickednick posts a garbage default dance meme, and goes unpunished for it. In order to fix this, we need a way to take away his likes, he is only 16 likes ahead of GearHop, and being behind him, I don't think Nick could live with himself. Thus I (really Brainman @4k) propose a dislike button to take away likes, or to just show a ratio on profiles at the very least. As always, let's leave it to democracy.

Second suggestion, remove the like button on all of Nick's posts, leaving only the dislike button.

If you're not convinced yet look at the funny picture!



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I feared this day would come, opposed on all sides, I must start going to the shelter. War is coming to gamerville
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