New Two Suggestions Regarding The FF2 Map Rotation

One: We often play the same maps over and over again. A solution for this would be to increase the number of "recently played" maps excluded from the voting system (using sm_mapvote_exclude and sm_randomcycle_exclude).

Two: Despite only having ~30 maps, some of them are problematic and not fun to play on. Here are five that I think we could do without, most of which (marked by asterisks) have already been removed at least once before.
  1. vsh_egyptyspot_v2*
    Egyptyspot is prone to stalemates. There's a lot of props and height play for mobile classes to abuse.
    The main problem is that there aren't enough ways for the hale to get on top of the pool tower.

  2. vsh_factoryhell_v2*
    Factoryhell has horrible lighting quality (it's way too dark). Also, there are too many large HP/ammo packs.

  3. vsh_military_area_b1_lulz2
    Military Area is too small and claustrophobic. Also, there are too many large HP/ammo packs.
    I have never seen a good version of this map. All of them have the exact same issues, even the newest one.

  4. vsh_mountanbash_v3*
    The death pits on this mountanbash don't teleport players back to safety after they fall in.
    There's also instant-kill traps and an Engineer exploit inside of the Blu spawn.

  5. vsh_top_arena_v1*
    Top Arena has death pits that don't teleport players back to safety when they fall in.
    Actually, I should mention that this map is basically one giant death pit.
Feel free to discuss, below.


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Top arena could be changed to be like skyhigh, once you fall off you take a little bit of map damage, and then fall damage, adding up to around one half to three fourths of your hp.

Mountanbash just needs some fixies, that us humans arent willing to do.

Egypty spot, *wheeze*

Military area luls, *wheeze*

Factoryhell just needs some fixies, that us humans arent willing to do.

I agree on the number of recently played maps being extended, the same maps can all be nominated in a cycle, with no other maps getting in on the train. If only we could get some more maps in, like octagon.
Exclusion time was increased slightly with a few map changes.
The number of "recently played" maps that are excluded from !nominate is still set to 5. I think it would be reasonable to exclude 10 or more, given the FF2 server has around 30 maps at the moment.

Only egyptyspot, factoryhell and mountanbash were removed. I still stand by getting rid of the other two.
Honestly, I like top arena to an extent. The map has potential to be a good map if it wasn't for those death pits. I can't count how many times I've seen bosses get flung off into the far far outer edge of the death pit with no prayer of getting back.

if something could be done about that, like teleporting the boss back to spawn, that's really all the map needs.

Nothing about any of the military area/zone/whatever maps is remotely good or redeemable.