In this Freak Fortress themed Freak Fortress map, you play as "John Space-Marine Freak Containment Foundation Freak Handler"
The map takes place in a Freak Containment Facility where various FF2 Freaks are... contained...
One's attempting to break out, and they're getting a bit feisty, so feel free to use any means necessary to keep them from escaping.
There are multiple rooms and a vent system that leads to (almost) every area.

I've attempted to add areas in most rooms that the majority of classes could be viable on. Tons of space for Market Gardeners, Sniping areas, elevated areas for buildings, etc..
A few points of info:
  • Most areas are buildable, EXCEPT: Behind the generator in the basement, on top of the trees in the outside area, the decorative hallways in both RED and BLU spawn, the bottom of the pond, and in any of the vents. This is to deter camping and having possibly round breaking spots.
  • The vent system has jump pads (much like Crevice) that work on a delay. This allows players to go up and down the same vents without getting constantly relaunched
  • There are 4 Medium health and ammo kits within the map. One near the Pyroshark tank, one in the Low Risk Holding Cells, one in the basement, and one near the pond. There are also 3 small health and ammo kits in the Main Room
  • Many Freaks make cameos in this map, however, I've implemented a system within the Boss' spawn that detects the Boss' class and replaces Freak cameos with other Freaks (Demopan gets replaced with Cave Johnson if a Demo boss is played, Ass Pancakes gets replaced with Vagineer if a Scout boss is played, etc.)
This is technically my second map, and even more technically my first, since the first map I actually published was a meme for another community I was in. I've optimized it the best I can, but don't expect it to be a professional job.
If there are any missing models or textures, please let me know. I'm sure I packed everything in, but I don't have a fresh install to check it on.

If there are any issues or ideas, please post them here, and I'll see what I can do.

*Edit* Would probably help if I uploaded the map with the thread, huh? The .zip includes the map and a fastdl version of the map.


The spawn corridors and the bio-dome seem interesting. Question; is the water a hazard? It looks like it might be a little difficult to jump out of.
The spawn corridors and the bio-dome seem interesting. Question; is the water a hazard? It looks like it might be a little difficult to jump out of.
Originally it was going to be, but I changed my mind partway through. It can be tough to get out, but that's what the log is for, since you can pop right out if you swim up to it.


TF2 Admin
As far as screenshots and the effort put into the map to make it dynamic, it looks really refreshing. I'd be interested to see it in rotation to see how it plays out in an actual full server though, and I suppose that is where we'd learn if there are tweaks to be made, but hopefully none at all. Otherwise, looks really good! ;)