Hello everyone! I've played a hell of a lot of vs hale and thought I'd try to make a map for the gamemode. I've been familiar with the gamemode for quite a few years now, so I hope I can use my experience to make a fun and balanced map.

The general idea of the map is a castle with a large, open courtyard with lots of vertatility in the way of towers, trees, and other such things. The castle itself will have lots of hallways that connect in and out of room with enough space in them to allow for different classes to shine. Every room in the castle has at least 2 openings, since my biggest pet peeve as Hale was trying to push into a engie nest that had been bunkered down in a small room. This will also give more maneuverability for scout and spy.

Anyways, here are the pictures of the place so far. Not alot, but at least something. (Please ignore the errors :( )

Thanks for the input, guys. There's just couple of small health kits in their now. Any other suggestions? Anything in particular you guys like to see in hale maps?


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A button that kills people around then except the button masher that constantly spams Skyrim memes.

Don't actually do it.


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Throwback to vsh_ponyskyrim or whatever it was called where people went up to the cloud and spammed the fus ro da button
I miss that.

Looks like an interesting map.