What's your favorite cake?

The war is on. Which is better?

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I despise chocolate icing. It's awful. Burn it with fire.

Oh, also, What's your favorite cake? Carrot Cake is the ultimate cake you can't tell me otherwise

Also also. Decided to continue on the long streak of food related threads. Someone please make one for pie or something, thanks.


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Agreed. Although regular cake is good too, since it won't give you a brain freeze and regular cake is more cleaner and less messy to eat than say ice cream cake or pie.
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I like strawberry cake or anything with a sweet flavor really. Chocolate is good too, just not dark chocolate.
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Tiramisu all the way.
I actually really like tiramisu, but I dislike the lack of fish and shrimp.
I also really like fish and shrimp, but I find the overall lack of tiramisu and actual cake to be quite disheartening.