Wonderful Wicked's Wagnificent Wemporiun


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Believe me it works
I am but a humble man, buying not so humble items known only as l o w c r a f t s

What is a lowcraft you may ask? Well before I laugh at your naivete, I will enlighten you, lowcrafts are the first 100 of an item crafted, and they display the number next to them. To collectors this increases the value by a large amount

To the untrained eye these may be jb_simple items, however, they are worth a lot to collectors who appreciate their value, I am one of these collectors.

If you have any, I am willing to purchase them from you for k e y s !

Πthis is the symbol of protection, @Fresh n Fruity is not allowed to say wow nice lowcrafts on this thread

Warm regards, you know where to find me, Wicked


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I don't have any of these but I'm dying from the intricate and elaborate English used in this post LOL
Brother, I only put out the finest vocabulary to preach about my offspring, the ones im gonna purchase from the collaborative sg degeneration pool whom may own them