zombie senario (game adventure)

what would you do? post your senerio down BELOW~


im berricading my house and locking all my doors.
ive gathered all the food and put it upstairs. i put sharp nails on my stairs to upstairs and some selfs for the zombies hard to go up stairs. only a human with a thinking ability can go upstairs. ive put all my resources up stairs and stay on the main floor. my main floor is for killing, i just but my stuff upstairs just incase zombies come upstairs. im in a good naighborhood. the zombies seem to be slow at movement. walking dead zombies i guess.lucky there not left 4 dead zombies... i grab a duffle bag and gab my bat..I can hear screaming outside. i bring all my family memebers to the top floor. i have 5 brothers (foster home) 2 adults and 4 teens 1 mom (mom only has two kids and 4 fosters) i know what to do in a zombie apocalpes so im kinda expierenced. i tell my older foster brother to frive a group of people to the hardwere store..
15 min later
we are at the hardwerestore and gathering supplies and it looks like its being ransacked at the moment.
so we do the same.. if a guy gives us problems BAM! puch to the face and grab n run. we get all the supplies and what we notice is that there are alot of accendents on the street so i tell my older bro to drive slowly and watch out for othere cars
9 min
were a querter way there so were close.. BAM!

a car hits us...


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Get on a bike, duct tape knives onto sides
Pedal to Canada where they freeze, live with Kook or some shit
Victory for sexy legs... Knew all those years of soccer would pay off